Manual Auto Sunshades $41.99

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Manual Auto Sunshades $41.99

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Universal sunshades are an excellent way to minimize sun glare, reduce UV ray exposure, which can damage your car’s interior, while offering privacy and style.

Made of fine black poly-silk material, this roller-type sunshade provides such good visibility and sun deflection that many vehicle owners keep it engaged year round. Unique clips hold the sunshade securely in place while keeping it out of the way of the rear speakers and rear brake lights. An automatic withdrawal function quickly rolls the shade down to the base with smooth efficiency when disengaged.
These universal sunshades are guaranteed to limit the amount of light passing into the car. They are available in three sizes, ensuring a proper fit for any vehicle.

Installation materials are included, so no additional tools are needed. Screws small enough to allow the shade to be installed without drilling secure the two clips on the top and bottom. The holes made by these screws are so minute they are barely noticeable when the shade is uninstalled.
The shade material is slightly tapered at the top, and measuring the top of the window will ensure that your sunshade will cover as much of the windshield glass as possible.

Use this measurement to determine the model to order as listed below:
Top window measurement Model Numbers

39"- MS 100
43"- MS 110
47"- MS 120

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